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Signature Dishes 招牌菜


New popular signature dishes 新招牌菜

Pioneer signature dishes 首创招牌菜

Classic 1960s signature dishes 经典"六十年代"招牌菜

Seafood signature dishes 海鲜招牌菜

Pamper-yourself signature dishes 豪华宠自己招牌菜


Seafood signature dishes  海鲜招牌菜 

("Who says good seafood is only at Seafood restaurants ??")

 Fried Crispy Prawns


$27 (min 5 至少五只)  

+ $5.40 (each 每只)

(Advanced order 预订)


Cereal Prawns




Crispy Squids with Salted Egg Yolks




Deep Fried Sea Bass




Sweet and Sour Garoupa




Garoupa Fish in 2 styles

鸳鸯红斑 (Steam, Fried)

摩登红斑 (Fried, Deep-Fried)

双喜红斑 (Steam, Deep-Fried)

Seasonal Price 时价

(indicative $59)

(Advanced order 预订)


Lobster Cold  Dish



(Advanced order 预订)  


Famous Chilli Crabs


(chillis crabs were invented by Palm Beach, but the Four Heavenly Kings (of whom Two Kings were at Lai Wah Restaurant) modified the sauce into the version that Singaporeans love, with chilli sambal, tomato sauce, stock, a hint of vinegar, eggs, onions and spring onions)

 $48 per crab 

(around 0.9 kg to 1 kg per crab, minimum order 2 crabs)

(Advanced order 预订 1 day)


Disclaimer : Photographic images may differ from actual dish served to some extent

Prices include 7% GST as required by law


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