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Signature Dishes 招牌菜


New popular signature dishes 新招牌菜

Pioneer signature dishes 首创招牌菜

Classic 1960s signature dishes 经典"六十年代"招牌菜

Seafood signature dishes 海鲜招牌菜

Pamper-yourself signature dishes 豪华"宠自己"招牌菜


Pioneer Signature dishes  首创招牌菜 

Found everywhere, but why not try the original and the tastiest ?

Chinese New Year

Raw Fish salad (Yu Sheng)


(prices set during Chinese New Year) 


Lai Wah Restaurant was the  world's 1st restaurant to serve Chinese New Year Yu-Sheng  in 1964. 

Lai Wah also invented the modern-day method of serving Yu Sheng with a pre-mixed special sauce comprising plum sauce, rice vinegar, kumquat paste and sesame oil --- instead of customers mixing inconsistently-concocted sauce

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Mandarin Stewed Chicken




Yam Basket with Prawns, Cashew Nuts




In 1960s , the  2 famous dishes that we invented

 Yam Pot with Shredded Meat (佛钵飘香) and

 Mandarin Stewed Chicken ( 京都镡子鸡)

costs only S$5 !!

 (photos : our 1960s menu book)


Pork Chops in Delicious Sauce




Prices include 7% GST as required by law


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