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Set Menu for Buddha Jump over the Wall

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"Buddha Jump Over The Wall" Set Menu

Superior Sharks Fins, Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Cordyceps, Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica root)

Complimentary Tea, Peanuts (1 plate)


Set menu for 10 persons - ADVANCED ORDER 3 DAYS
套餐 10人享用 预定 三天


updated on 1 Sep 2013

佛跳墙 Buddha Jump Over The Wall - 1st Serving
佛跳墙  Buddha Jump Over The Wall - 2nd Serving


 Buddha Jump Over The Wall - 3rd Serving

香脆明虾 Fried Prawns in Crispy Nest with Mayonnaise
鹿肉河粉 Venison (Deer meat) Fried Hor-Fun
龙眼奶冻 Longan Beancurd Cold Dessert

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