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Since 1963, Lai Wah Restaurant was the world's first restaurant to bring you famous dishes such as Chinese New Year Yu-Sheng (鱼生), Yam Pot with Shredded Meat (佛钵飘香), Mandarin Stewed Chicken ( 京都镡子鸡), and many more .. including Chilli Crabs* ...

* : Chillis crabs were invented by Palm Beach, but the Four Heavenly Kings (of whom Two Kings were at Lai Wah Restaurant) modified the sauce into the version that Singaporeans love, with chilli sambal, tomato sauce, stock, a hint of vinegar, eggs, onions and spring onions

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Operating Hours:

Operating Hours (dine-in allowed , not MMTF's Heighened alert) :
11am to 2:30pm (last order 2pm)

6pm to 10pm (last order 9:30pm)

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Online menu  :

No minimum , Islandwide delivery

Fee paid to drivers 给司机的外送费:

up to 5 km : $5

5 km to 10 km : $10

10 km to 15 km : $15

15 km to 20 km : $20

more than 20 km : $25

Phone : 62949922 62984460 93663971

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Payment :
DBS Bank SGD Current account number : 003-950407-1
PayNow proxy : UEN 197201564H
Please forward screenshot / image of bank transfer to whatsapp :


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Chinese New Year menu with Yu Sheng available from 30 Jan 2021 (Saturday) to 28 Feb 2021 (Sunday)

好运鱼生 上市 2021 年1月30日 (星期六)

2021  农历新年  团圆饭  套餐
2021 Chinese New Year Re-union Dinner Set Menu

30 Jan 2021 Saturday 星期六 

to 11 Feb 2021  (CNY Eve / 除夕) Thursday 星期四

$618++ set menu for 8-10 persons

$348++ set menu for 4 -5 persons

  • Abalone  鲍鱼
  • $43 Medium 中 (for 5 to 7 persons 5 至7人) 
  • $80 Big 大 (for 8 to 10 persons 8 至10人) 
  • Additional Abalone 加鲍鱼 $16
  • Additional Crunchy Crackers 加薄脆 $2
  • (prices are subject to GST and service charge, as required by IRAS)



December 2019 : Grab Pay (QR code) is available

November 2019 : Foodline

May 2019 :  Honest Bee suspended operations 

February 2019 : Live on GrabFood

1 March 2018 : Live on deliveroo   (delivery within 2.5 km radius)

23 February 2018 : Live on honest bee  (delivery within 2.5 km radius)

22 February 2018 : Live on food panda (delivery within 4 km radius)

58h anniversary discount 五十八周年优惠 

$18 each chicken (Usual $36)

$10 half chicken (Usual $20)

Crispy Roast Chicken 脆皮烧鸡, 

Boiled boneless Chicken with Kai Lan 火腿玉兰鸡

$4 noodles / bee hoon / hor fun, fried rice, braised rice (usual $8)


Mondays to Thursdays only (except Public Holidays)

not valid with other discounts, promotions

Not valid during CNY festive period

Prices are subject to GST and service charge, as required by IRAS

20 Feb 2015 830 pm : MediaCorp Channel 5's "The 5 show" Pornsak : in 1964, Lai Wah is the world's first restaurant to serve Chinese New Year Yu Sheng

1 September 2013 : IRAS requires Lai Wah Restaurant to be registered for GST.  Menu prices will include GST, as required by IRAS GST Act

August 2013 : epicure magazine interviews

14 April 2013 : SPH U 周刊 U Magazine interviews

31 March 2013 : Sunday Times Life! interviews

     Mar 2011  MediaCorp magazine "8 Days" Eat out guide "BITE" interviews Lai Wah

29 Jan 2011   MediaCorp's TODAY interviews Lai Wah

15 Dec 2010  Food directory "Singapore Time To Eat 2011" interviews Lai Wah

23 Aug 2010   MediaCorp's Chinese weekly magazine I-weekly interviews Lai Wah 

24 July 2010   Hosted 2010 Singapore Food Festival Demo Master Class, Cantonese cuisines.

                       With renowened celebrity food-crtiic Makansutra KF Seetoh

19 July 2010   Comedian-actor / celebrity-entrepreneur Irene Ang interviews Lai Wah

17 July 2010  Hong Kong daily papers "Apple Daily" interviews Lai Wah

14 May 2010  Award-winning food blog ieatishootipost (Dr Leslie Tay) interviews Lai Wah

Jan-Feb 2010  Singapore Top 5 YuSheng, voting organised by hungrygowhere  and Standard Chartered

21 Nov 2009  3-week Indoor renovation completed

17 Oct 2009    SPH RazorTV interviews Lai Wah

About The Restaurant

58 years of experience / 50 年 老字号 

 Lai Wah Restaurant at 377C to 383C Jalan Besar was opened in Sep 1963 by the late Mr Wong Kok Lum 黄国林, with smaller shareholders --- Mr Tham Yui Kai  谭锐佳 and Mr Lau Yoke Pui 刘育培 --- two of the Four Heavenly Kings of Singapore Cantonese culinary( 饮食界 �四大天王�)


VIP was Mrs Lee Chin Koon / Mdm Chua Jim Neo (李進坤夫人 蔡认娘女士) mother of Singapore's Minister Mentor and former Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew (李光耀).

12 noon, 14 Oct 1970 (Wed) - Lai Wah Restaurant at Block 44 #01-1436 Bendemeer Road was opened.

VIP was again Mrs Lee Chin Koon / Mdm Chua Jim Neo (李進坤夫人 蔡认娘女士) mother of Singapore's Minister Mentor and former Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew (李光耀).

Now, Lai Wah Restaurant at Bendemeer Road is run by the descendants of the late founder  Mr Wong Kok Lum --- Mr Wong Kah Onn, the eldest son, and his wife Mrs Helen Wong-Lim


(click to see video)

Makansutra SFF Culinary Master Classes

Date: 24 July 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 9.30am - 11.30am
Dishes Demonstrated: Cantonese Classic


Lai Wah Restaurant is the  world's 1st restaurant to serve Chinese New Year Yu-Sheng  in 1964. 

Lai Wah also invented the modern-day method of serving Yu Sheng with a pre-mixed special sauce comprising plum sauce, rice vinegar, kumquat paste and sesame oil --- instead of customers mixing inconsistently-concocted sauce.

Reference :

TODAY 29 Jan 2011 Page 3

i-weekly issue 669 26 Aug 2010 Page 2

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(click to see video)

17 October, 2009

To toss a good yusheng (Food feud Ep 3.4)


When the Four Heavenly Chefs of Singapore created the iconic dish yusheng - a raw fish salad eaten during Chinese New Year - they didn't know they were making history. What's the secret to a top-notch platter of yusheng? Find out from the owner of Lai Wah Restaurant, where two of the Heavenly Chefs were from.

In 1960s , the other 2 famous dishes that we invented

 Yam Pot with Shredded Meat (佛钵飘香) and

 Mandarin Stewed Chicken ( 京都镡子鸡)

costs only S$5 !!

 (see our 1960s menu)

58 years of serving tasty Cantonese culinary cuisine at affordable prices !

Distinctive "Wok hei" (锅气) even in simple dishes such as plain vegetables and YangZhou Fried Rice !

Air-con indoor dining ; 14 tables

Al-fresco outdoor dining (upon request), ideal for pet-owners and others who enjoy the evening natural breeze

New multi-storey car-park

Free parking on Sundays and Public Holidays 


1% Service Charge

attractively-priced set menus 

low-priced menus for on-sitecatering  (3 tables to 100 tables)   


55th anniversary discount

$18 each chicken (Usual $32)

$10 half chicken (Usual $20)

Crispy Roast Chicken 脆皮烧鸡 

Boiled boneless Chicken with Kai Lan 火腿玉兰鸡

Boiled chicken with delicious sauce 酱汁滑鸡

$4 noodles / bee hoon / hor fun, fried rice, braised rice (usual $7)

 什锦伊面 / 米粉 / 河粉,杨洲炒饭,什锦烩饭

Weekdays only (except Public Holidays and eves)

Not valid with other discounts, promotions

Not valid during CNY festive period 


VIP card : 10% discount for dine-in ala carte above-$50 spend in a single receipt*

* excludes Beer, Tea, Beverages, Advance-order Premium dishes**. 
Not valid for set menus, catering
Not valid with other discounts, promotions.

Not valid during CNY festive period  Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day

** : Suckling Pig, famous Chilli Crabs 驰名辣椒螃蟹, Lobster Starter Dish 龙虾拼盘, Ducks , Crispy Prawns 香脆明虾,Golden-Cage Chicken 金笼鸡 , Garoupa in two styles 双喜红斑, 鸳鸯红斑

NO corkage fee

Ask for less salt, less oil, less MSG 



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