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* not  valid during the following Blackout periods :

CNY festive period : 30 Jan 2016 (Saturday) to 22 Feb 2016 (Monday)

Mothers' Day : 30 April 2016 (Saturday) to 8 May 2016 (Sunday)

Fathers' Day : 11 June 2016 (Saturday) to 19 June 2016 (Sunday)

No 10% Service charge 免服务费

Prices include 7% GST as required by law


updated 1 Sep 2013

Set Menu for 2-3 persons 套餐2-3人享用
Complimentary Tea, Peanuts (1 plate) 包中国茶,花生(一碟)
叁岜通菜 Sambal Kang Kong
金钱豆腐 Braised Bean Curds with Crab Meat
黄金鲜鱿 Crispy Squids with Salted egg Yolks
杨州炒饭 Yang Zhou Fried Rice
彩色飞扬 Broccoli & Cauliflower combination
黑椒鹿肉 Black Pepper Venison
肉蛋豆腐 Bean Curd with Minced Meat and Eggs
杨州炒饭 Yang Zhou Fried Rice

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